About Me

10265545_10202965689197757_1795650011692141193_oI’m an award-winning journalism graduate of the University of Arizona, and was born and raised in Tucson. I’ve been enamored by journalism since I was a kid, and am really happy I ended up chasing it as an adult.

I’m looking to find the right news organization where I can start my career as a journalist. I’m anxious to contribute quality journalism and learn from the other members of the newsroom. I’m especially passionate about public media and would love to continue honing my radio skills.

Initially I thought I would write for some kind of trade magazine or in the arts world. College turned those ideas upside down my senior year when I was surprised to find a passion as a public affairs reporter for the UA School of Journalism’s wire service, Arizona Sonora News. My pieces ran on the wire service website, as well as in the Maricopa Monitor, Eastern Arizona Courier, Nogales International, and the Arizona Republic, the state’s largest daily.

Since then I have covered matters of education (K-12 and higher ed), infrastructure, economics and public health, mostly as an intern with Arizona Public Media. A fun feature always makes its way into the mix every once in a while too.

My first love was the car world, which is something I continue to adore and follow today. I even write about it sometimes, including a semester-long blogging project I did for young car buyers. See that work in the Automotoive/Multimedia tab above.

I’m also interested in everything about the design world (interior, exterior, landscape, you name it), photography, New York Times crossword puzzles and hashtags.

Find my other musings on Twitter and Instagram, as well as a comprehensive explanation of my professional experiences on LinkedIn.